Saturday, September 11, 2004

Voter Registration

I just voted to register this morning, the anniversary of 9/11. I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. The thing that kind of gripes me about today is not that people have been too quick to forget, but that it's turned from a day of mourning into a celebration. There's a real carnival atmosphere around here - loud music, cookouts, an antique car show, an air show (which I've always thought of as the height of stupidity), etc. Remember, people: 9/11 = bad day. Bad people did bad things. Much kill people.

Anyway, I can now proudly go forth and vote for Dave Barry. I urge all responsible Americans to do the same. Also, in accordance with Satanic prophesy, obey my every command without question. Allow me to close by resurrecting the useless blob.
Patriotic, out


Ash said...

Woo comment.

Ash said...

Another comment. Party.

Frogstar said...

September 11th of 2001 occured just a few days into my freshman year. I've always thought it was my introduction to high school...

A while ago I stumbled on a blog which had some Arab sources quoted; one magazine/newspaper said something along the line of "the Americans are taking it too hard...they still remember...but people die every day, and this was no special event." although I think it was a bit harsher. It's sad.

Lor said...

Yeah, it does seem really odd that they'd have an air show in 9/11... o.O

Oh yeah, and long live the useless blob.