Monday, September 20, 2004

The Great Mountain Dew Hunt

Day 2

After failing to locate Mountain Dew's new and temporary Pitch Black at Target, I went to Publix, my local grocery store. A search of the soda aisle revealed no PB. As usual, Coke products were on sale.

I next went to Kroger, which I don't like to patronize since you can only get items at a normal price if you sign up for their stinking shopping card. Althought the stores are literally across the street from each other, and Publix has a better deli, meat department, and overall selection, Kroger is busier. They seems to attract a poorer crowd, even though they aren't any cheaper. Anyway, I pushed through the herd and found the tiny soda section. They only carried a few token Pepsi products, and not MDPB. Coke products were on sale.

Then I went to Wal-Mart, which I hate because it's nothing more than an overcrowded and dirty Target. Still, I was getting desperate, so I muddled in and checked the sodas. No PB, just regular and Code Red Mountain Dew. Coke products were not on sale, but were more plentiful and the normal price was cheaper.

Anyway, I went to the fitness club and thought about where to try next. A friend of mine had told me his son had seen PB in the Atlanta area, but he didn't remember where. I decided to try a so-called "convenience" store next, bypassing several smaller ones to get to a large RaceTrac, a place large enough to have its own deli and some esoteric drinks like Orange Yoo-Hoo and banana sodas. This RaceTrac was as big as any of them, but it had a more limited selection. Naturally, they didn't carry PB. At this point I realized that, in addition to not having Pitch Black, none of the stores I visited carried LiveWire (the MD web site insists it is still available). This is one of the problems with living in Atlanta, aka the Home of Coca-Cola. It's like ice tea (the house wine of the South) - everywhere you go around here, you are expected to like it. Personally, I hate ice tea. It's a crap drink. If it's so good, why do you have to add stuff to it to make it drinkable?

Oh, well. I haven't given up yet. I may have to travel to Europe, or take hostages, or something drastic. Here's hoping.

Do the Dew, out

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Sarcasmo said...

A friend of mine actually had it at a local (Pepsi selling) pizza place.

I seem to recall, however, that he found it disgusting.