Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Do the Dew! (or not)

For lunch I baked a wild mushroom lasagna from Harry's Farmers Market. I had tried one before and liked it (I've gotten over the fact that mushrooms are a type of fungus, like athlete's foot). Anyway, the last one tasted cheesy with a hint of earthy flavor. This time it tasted like earth-flavored cheese, more of a dirt lasagna. No wonder they were on sale.

Anyway, I dumped the offending meal and therefore had nothing planned for dinner. Since my search for a new Mountain Dew flavor has been proving fruitless, I decided to grab dinner from Taco Hell, which is sporting a new MD called Baja Blast, a lime flavored concoction. It didn't sound very appetizing, but I thought I would trust the MD flavorologists and take a chance.

I got the standard meal consisting of one taco, one burrito, and a large drink. I checked the soda fountain and saw they did indeed have Baja Blast, but no Pitch Black (the focus of my current search) or LiveWire (regular MD and Code Red, as always). The Baja Blast foamed out of the machine looking like watery blueberry Kool-Aid. I tried it, and decided it wasn't as bad as it could have been. After a few sips, I labeled it drinkable. A few more sips, and I decided it was drinkable in the way that toenail clippings are technically edible. Each swallow tasted worse than the last. I didn't get halfway through before switching to water.

So, it's the perfect complement to a Taco Hell meal - disgusting and inauthentic. I can't believe I used to like that food.

Bleah, out

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