Tuesday, August 10, 2004

What Would You Do?

I found a blog that posed the question "If I knew that I could live well and fully for another 6 months.. and then I would just cease to exist, what would I do with my time?" I thought about this for a moment. Laugh? Cry? Commit suicide? Then the truth revealed itself to me: killing spree.

I know most people would go with something like "Backpack around Europe" or "Find true love," but think about it. I'm guaranteed to live "well and fully" for six months, which means I won't be going to jail or dropping in a hail of police bullets. Normally I have to face the fact that if I kill people, I might get into some kind of trouble. So that's my answer: 179 days of mayhem and violence, pillaging and plundering. To accomplish this, I think I'll need a horned viking helmet and a Harley-Davidson Fatboy equipped with a scabbard on each side, one for my chainsaw and another for my flame-thrower.

On the 180th day I'd visit every church, temple, and mosque I could find and beg forgiveness from every god I could think of. Then I'd go for a banana daiquiri and calmly await the inevitable.

So, what would you do?

Terminal, out

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