Tuesday, August 31, 2004

One more time...

On August 20 I posted a request for all my loyal readers to vote on whether or not I should keep or dump the background music. Eleven days later and I finally got my second vote. So, that's one to keep the music and one to kill it. I'll try this again - let me know what you think - keep it or can it?


Jef said...

keep it or ill kill you goddammit

Jef said...

oh yeah more slayer too

Frogstar said...

Sorry, I didn't vote before because I rarely have my speakers on unless I'm listening to pirated mp3s. But sure...keep it or whatever. Just put a stop/pause button so if someone is listening to someone else, they can turn it off.

The probligo said...



What music?

This is a g****mned COMPUTER!!! NOT a record player!!!!


the phantom said...

keep it...nice touch. SLAYER Disciple, pure brilliance.

"Hate heals, you should try it sometime!"

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