Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New Product Idea

And speaking of nailguns, we have many types of nails, we have many types of guns, and yet all nailguns seem to be variations of the same type. I suggest the following:
  • Nail Handguns - small, hand-held nailguns worn in a quick-draw holster; ideal for small, on-the-fly repairs
  • Nail Shotguns - great for large scale construction; have a coworker hold up a piece of drywall and then, on your command, he leaps for cover while you open fire
  • Nail Sniper Rifles - perfect for shoring up the fence along the back 40 without leaving the comfort of your porch
  • Nail Machine Guns - continuous belt feed in case you need to erect a privacy fence but only have a few minutes before work
  • Nail Mortars - good for roof repair, or showing your neighbor that privacy fence isn't going to save him
  • Nail Rocket Launchers - ideal for long range projects, such as building a log cabin on Saturn

Pointy thing, out


The_Darkener said...

From your last two posts I can assume you have a slight obsession with nails. Now, it's not as though I am against this obsession...but I am wondering at the practical nature of it. After all, if you are always nailing, then you are never gluing, or plumbing, or dancing, or singing, or tapping, etc. You have no other actions. Now- even though a nailgun can be very fun, it also makes scars on the heads of those you are shooting at. This is a bit disturbing, and you may be sued. Very unhappy, no? Ah, well. The price we all pay.

Grant said...

Actually, I don't have an obsession with nails - that was just the theme of the day. My real obsessions are chainsaws and flame-throwers, and my (patent pending) flamesaw.

steve said...

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