Saturday, August 07, 2004


I don't remember last night's dream(s) completely, but when I awoke this morning I did retain a little flash. I dreamt about a guy going for a job interview. He walked into a crowded office and the receptionist told him they were running behind, so he would have to wait. He sat in a plastic chair in the hot office, resume in hand, glanced around and passed the time making small talk with the people around him. My point of view drew back and passed through the wall to a darkened office, where somebody was monitoring him by camera, recording his image and responses and an array of vital statistics (heart rate, temperature, etc.). Then I realized all the people in the waiting room except the applicant were actors, and they interacted with him in a preplanned manner so his responses could be tested. Apparently, he was in the interview without realizing it.

Weird, out

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