Monday, July 19, 2004

Torture by Song

For awhile I kept waking up with a snatch of song repeating in my head.  It was never a whole song, or even a complete refrain, just a few words playing over and over and over again.  It started with that song "Ain't We Got Fun."  I don't know if that is the actual title, but it was the repeating part.  That, and the strumming on the ukulele as the song ends.  Each day it got worse.  The "Ain't we got fun" bit got quieter and the ukulele got louder until it boomed like Nigel Tufnel had it turned up to eleven.
When I began to wonder if my medical plan covered lobotomies (forgetting that I don't actually have a medical plan), it shifted to what was once called negro spirituals.  Fortunately I'm not a hummer or a singer.  That'd be just what I'd needed, to be caught wandering the ethnically diverse cube farm in which I work singing about how I'm gonna jump back, turn around, and pick a bale of cotton.  Otherwise, it was a marked improvement.
Then the tune switched to "Hey, Jude."  Just that - "Hey, Jude" followed by a few piano notes.  I said to myself "Now, this I can handle."  I must have said it out loud because it only happened one morning, then the man who lives in my medicine cabinet switched the channels back to "Ain't We Got Fun."  Normally he's cool, but lately I think he's been nipping on my after shave.
Anyway, that's the latest from my brain.  If anyone knows a good back alley lobotomist, please leave a comment.


shanna said...

Self trepanation.

Grant said...

In theory trepanation sounds good, but then I realized that if the demons can't get out of my head with the number of holes I already have, how is one more going to help? Thanks for caring though.