Saturday, July 17, 2004

Too Early for Saturday

I had a brief dream that I was a spider spinning a web in some guy's hair to the tune of Helter Skelter, but then he scratched his head and killed me.  I awoke around 6:00 AM with a nondescript bad feeling with slight overtones of guilt.  I've done nothing to feel guilty about, but maybe that's the problem.  Too many excuses, not enough progress.  I feel like the time my invisible pet cat Sparkles ran away, but maybe that was just as well.  She was starting to go insane.  If you see her, she likes Icehouse mixed with a shot of peach schnapps, but don't listen to her when she goes on that whole "slaughter the innocents to appease the hell-demons living in your sock drawer" thing.  It's just the catnip talking.

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