Friday, July 30, 2004

Icewind Dale Trilogy

This set contains the first three books by R. A. Salvatore. Although not his best work, they do make an interesting fantasy read. So far I've only finished the first two.

Book 1 - The Crystal Shard: not poorly written, but the editorial mistakes and writing style lend an amateurish air to the book. Also, the first story almost seems to exist solely to setup the other two. I half expected a note at the end saying "I told you that story so I could tell you the next one."

Book 2 - Streams of Silver: much better. No editorial mistakes and the writing is stronger, although it does end abruptly.

Book 3 - The Halfling's Gem: I've just started that one, which takes place immediately after the second book, in the middle of a pursuit no less.

It reads more like a single novel rather than a series of related tales. I think it was broken into three parts in accordance with federal law which states all fantasy and sci-fi stories must be presented in the form of a trilogy.

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