Sunday, July 04, 2004


I had a dream filled with car chases, intrigue, government agents, cops, guns, and explosions.  It was one of those where my point of view shifted between characters.  The ultimate goal was to get some code book from some guy which would allow us to go on to whatever we werer trying to accomplish.  Just as we cornered the code book guy in a building, my POV switched to him (now me) blowing myself up with a grenade.  Before the explosion, someone (I think my former POV person) rushed forward and knocked the code book to safety.  My dreams are now ending in cliffhangers.  Did I really die?  Both of me?  Is the code book safe?  What were we going after anyway?  These questions and more will be answered as soon as I get back to sleep and pick up the dream where I left off.  Yeah, right, like that ever happens.  Ironically, the dream scared me awake.

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