Thursday, July 29, 2004


This has been one of those days that makes me want to pound myself in the head with a brick until I fall unconscious, or at least damage the brain cells retaining all the bad info.  To recap on the numbers:
GPA upon graduation:  3.74
Job opportunities found today: 0
Morons needing repeat instructions:  2
People who have gotten behind me at a traffic light and continuously blew their horn because I refused to run the red light then blew their horn again after we drove through the green light only to realize they had been in the wrong lane the whole time and had to cut across four lanes of traffic to get into the turn lane on the far side:  1
Number of times I will kill this person if I ever find him again:  a whole bunch
Amount of enthusiasm I have towards finishing this day:  Plank
Number of beers needed to recover:  See death threat above

I'm in need of some relief.  I think I'll put on my chicken suit, grab my sledge hammer, chainsaw, and pogo stick and attack the nearest Chik-Fil-A.  "Vengeance is mine!" sayeth the clucker.


Heidi said...

can I help?

Grant said...

Can you help what? Go on a clucking rampage? Drink beer? Smash my brains in with a blunt object? All the above?
In any case, the answer is yes. Welcome aboard. You'll have to supply your own chicken suit since my spare is at the cleaners.